Dr Kathy Smith

BEd Hons, MA, PhD, FRSA
Senior Lecturer, Theatre Studies

Email: dr.k.l.smith@gmail.com

  • Analysing Performance
  • Contemporary British Theatres
  • Cultural Identities/Theatrical Practices
  • Introduction to Theatre and Drama
  • Modern European Drama
  • Practice:Theory
  • Texts and Contexts
  • Text and Performance
  • Twentieth Century Theatre Practices


          Theories of identity, representation and spectatorship,
          in the context of modern and contemporary theatre/
          performance practices

          The body/culture/representation relation, with particular
          reference to thresholds, liminal moments and cultural 

          The theatres of Samuel Beckett and Rona Munro


        '(There is Nothing) Outside of the Text? Towards a 
        Psychoanalytic Model of the Transcultural Spectator',
        CDE Staging Interculturality Conference,
        University of Vienna, Austria, June 2009
         'A House Built On Mud: Stages of Translation and
        the Theatre of Rona Munro', CDE Adaptations and
ConferenceUniversity of Siegen, Attendorn,
        Germany, May 2008

        'Abject Bodies: Beckett, Orlan, Stelarc and the Politics
        of Contemporary Performance', Beckett and Company: 
        Centenary Conference on Beckett and the Arts
        Birkbeck (University of London), Tate Modern and
        Goldsmiths (University of London) 2006

        'Reframing Fantasy: September 11 and the
        Global Audience', Spectacle of the Real, University
        of Brunel 2003

        'Speaking the Secret: The Theatre of Samuel Beckett', 
        Beckett International Foundation, University
        of Reading 1999, and Beckett Against the Grain,
        University of York 1999


       University of Bristol, November 2009
       '[There is Nothing] Outside of the Text?'
       Research Seminar. Invited Speaker.
       University of North London,  March-July 2002
       ReVisions 2: Scene and Obscene     
       Seminar Programme. Convenor.
       University of North London, March-July 2001
       ReVisions 1: Reframing the Late Twentieth Century       
       Seminar Programme. Convenor.




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