Reframing the Late 20th Century
Spring Semester 2001

Thursday 8 March

  'Take Care of Yourselves and Each Other': Daytime Chat 
  and the 
Drive for Normalisation; Queering the Bardic Function

  Stephen Farrier
  Central School of 
  Speech and Drama

Thursday 5 April

  Magnificent Desolation: 'Its Time To Leave the Capsule If
  You Dare'. Re-framing the Horizon from Icarus to Major Tom,
  'To Infinity and Beyond'.

  Dr James Peries,
  Theatre Royal, Stratford  
Thursday 3 May
  Changing Rooms: The English 'Grand House' Revisited. 
  Necessary Nostalgia or Architectural Anachronism?

  Dr Catrina Hey,
  University of Sussex
Thursday 7 June         The Emptiness of Zero: Theatric and Filmic 
  Representations of Loss, Absence, Anxiety and 
  Desire in the Late Nineties.

  Dr Kathy Smith,
  University of North 

Seminars will take place at the University of North London, Holloway Road N7
For further details, contact Kathy Smith or Stephen Farrier